Welcome to ForestHillFarms.com!

Welcome to ForestHillFarms.com!

Secluded on a wooded hilltop bluff with a commanding view of the beautiful Mississippi River, Forest Hill Farms is one of the finest facilities in the Midwest with its World Class Equestrian Center.   

Forest Hill Farms is located atop Wyoming Hill, the highest point in the area, which gives a breath taking view of the awesome and mighty Mississippi. The bluffs and ravines of Forest Hill Farms are part of the Mississippi River terrain.  On its journey to becoming the third longest river in the world, its shorelines support vast forests of hardwood and fir trees, and its waters are home to every species of fish, except two, found in North America. In fact, your perch atop Forest Hill Farms gives you an unobstructed view of what is considered one of the top ten tourist attractions in the world. So powerful is the rivers pull, that it brings in over 8 billion dollars in foreign money each year.


Why the Forest Hill Farms Should be in Your Itinerary While Traveling from Newark to East Brunswick

Why the Forest Hill Farms Should be in Your Itinerary While Traveling from Newark to East Brunswick

The journey from Newark to East Brunswick takes approximately 37 minutes by car. But, it leaves you with great memories. You can enjoy the scenery and visit some of the best hiking spots in the area.

If you cannot see any location that astounds you and desire more fun, don’t despair. If you’re up for a road trip and some horse riding fun from a place with astounding views, you can always make your way to the Forest Hill Farms. The location is popular with tourists and hikers for several reasons, as you’ll see below.
The distance between Newark and Forest Hills Farms is almost 962 miles. By road, you’re likely to take 14 hours. You’ll also take roughly the same time on the road traveling between East Brunswick and Forest Hills Farms too. However, the distance shouldn’t worry you because, with a limo, you get to travel in comfort.

You can always hire a limo with a chauffeur to avoid spending many hours behind the wheel driving your own car. This way, you’ll have more time to enjoy the breathtaking view as you watch what nature has endowed the surrounding areas with.

The excellent equestrian center is the best place to watch various horse shows. The stunning view it provides to the majestic Mississippi River gives it more prominence. It is surrounded by some stunning, abundant and vibrant wildlife habitat that includes:
‘ Raccoons
‘ Whitetail deer
‘ Wild turkeys
‘ Squirrels
‘ Rabbits
‘ Various species of furry animals

So, add the Forest Hills Farms to your itinerary. It is definitely worth traveling the distance.

The Benefit from Using Water from the Well

The Benefit from Using Water from the Well

Water is an essential drink that no human can do without. Many people around the world drink it from the tap. Others prefer bottled water. Different sources of water are commonly used. One such source is the well. Here’s why you should consider using water from your well too.

Nutritional value of Well water

Well water is nutritious.
A single cup of Well water will give you:
a) 7gms of calcium
b) 2mgs of magnesium
c) 12mgs of sodium
These are essential minerals that are needed by the body, whose deficiency can have minor to severe effects on the body.

Safe and healthy

Generally, well water is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and other uses in the homestead as well as in farms. Well water is one of the cleanest. Additionally, it is also the source of the most natural drinking water both for humans and animals such as horses. When dug in the right location, it is devoid of most contaminants found in other water sources. Compared to other sources, water from the well is safe to use.

It is not renowned for containing contaminants such as raw sewage, pharmaceuticals, motor fuel, and industrial runoff.

Some of the bottled water used in homes, hotels, and offices contains chlorine gas. Anybody who knows anything about chlorine gas understands the role it plays in causing air obstruction, dyspnea, chest tightness, and wheezing.

The quality of water found in most city homes is a bit iffy. The water found in country homes, however, is mostly from the well. Therefore, think about usinging water from your well to avoid exposing your clients, family, workers or friends to health hazards.

Currently, around 15 million people in the US depend on private wells for the water they need. However, before a facility such as the Forest Hill Farms begins offering water well to its clients, it must take it for testing. Otherwise, it will be exposing its clients to a number of health risks.

Is well water 100% pure?

The purity of the Well water depends on several factors. The quality depends on location, naturally occurring minerals and chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and many other farming practices, industrial pollution, fuel drilling, heavy metals, and malfunctioning sewers.

The depth of the well also determines how healthy the water is. According to the EPA, drinking well water that is too close to the surface and to sources of contaminants such as toilets, mines, and firms using toxic chemicals can expose you to a number of contaminants. The contaminants found in groundwater include radon, nitrates, pesticides, fertilizers, industrial waste, and sewage.


The main costs for getting well water are those related to sinking the well. The initial costs include testing that can be done with a DIY kit or by the local health department, meeting local authority requirements, and digging. Afterwards, there are no water bills to be paid. The only additional cost would be the occasional maintenance, regular testing, and perhaps the energy used to pump the water to the various outlets.

As shown above, well water can be a cheaper source of safe water. With the right measures such as selecting a proper location, making the well deep enough, sealing it properly and where necessary installing a filter; well water can be a worthy alternative for homes and farms alike.

Clearing Trees for the Best Horse Riding Area

Clearing Trees for the Best Horse Riding Area

Clearing Trees for the Best Horse Riding Area Trees are regarded as the back- bone of our eco system. They provide so many necessary functions to mother Earth that without them we would not have life on this planet. The unfortunate truth is that for development to take place some of these precious creations of nature may have to be cut down for the greater good of humanity. It is not always that trees will be cut down for an economic reason but sometimes it can be for leisure or other matters of social importance.

One such activity is horse riding. It can be both a commercial activity and sport. Clearing trees for the best Horse riding area is something that enthusiasts will lobby for. Whether a spectator, professional or leisure rider one thing is certain that in most cases the social benefit can be seen in the creation of suitable horse riding areas. As a sport horses and horseracing is certainly a lucrative and prestigious one. How can one then go about in clearing trees for the best horse riding area while maintaining the best environmentally ethical standards?


Certain areas are more flexible than others are when it comes to cutting down trees. Ensuring that you understand and conform to the laws of the proposed area is essential to your success. You may want to bring in a consultant on this part or carry out extensive research before making an investment. Even in areas where laws are not strict, you may want to look at an ethical approach in doing this, after all benefit from a healthy environment. Keeping the cutting of trees to the bare minimum required is considered as good practice. For sensitive areas and large tracts of land an environmental assessment on the cost benefit analysis may be a requirement. Ensure you prepare well ahead for these assessments, as they can be complicated and laborious tasks.


While you may have found the perfect place for clearing trees for the best horse riding area possible, remember that you have deprived yourself and others of the benefit derived from the cut trees. According to Michigan Tree Removal Pros, making restitution for what has been lost is common good practice. Finding a credible organization that specializes in reforestation may be a good idea in this regard. Organizations like Plant a billion, www.plantabillion.org may be a good option in this case. If you are ready to get your hands dirty you can replace the trees cut down yourself, bearing in mind that there are laws for planting trees as well. Consulting in this regard is essential too as zeal without wisdom is indeed folly.


Leaving rare species on the property could have a positive impact on the environment and even on the value of your property as a whole. Some trees will provide pleasant shade for your horses and make wonderful picnic spots and observation points for observers. Deciding which trees to cut or not to cut must be done carefully and tactfully.

Finding and going about clearing trees for the best horse riding area can be a daunting task. Going about it in a cautious and tactful way with a well planned out approach will not only save both time and money but will be beneficial in the long term as well. Paying close attention to the environment and having sound advice are critical to your success. The value of trees should not be under estimated and a balance between environmental sustainably and personal benefit should be found.  If you want to save yourself from the hassle of it, check http://www.treeremovaldenver.net/. It sure can help you out.

How to Build Your Own Riding Area for Horses

How to Build Your Own Riding Area for Horses

Fences for horse riding
Fences around a horse riding area.

Building a stable for your well-loved horses is like building a house for yourself. It entails major considerations for maximum comfort and durability.

One should not forget weather as an important consideration when building a barn. Warm regions work well with a three-sided run-in shelter that gives adequate protection from storms. However, if you live in a four-season region, you need a more specialized kind of stable. Other than its adaptability to warm weather, the three-sided run-in stable is also ideal for limited space. Even in severe storms, your horses will remain sheltered. A minimum of 2 horses require a stable that is built at least 12 x 24 feet using proper fencing, and you can simply put a panel in the middle to serve as a partition, turning the setup into two stalls. A run-in shelter can easily be built by your local carpenter for you.

A barn is a much bigger home for your horses. It can be extravagant to the point of including mirrors, walls, and a heated viewing area. A barn specialists can design a state-of-the-art stable, providing you an ideal layout of features like:

  • Stall-plan -How many stalls you need, and how big they should be,
  • The aisle- It is important to build an aisle that is wide enough to lead your horses without incident,
  • Feed Room-You will need to build an enclosed room in which to store the feed,
  • Tack Room-This is where you will store all the tack and equipment for the horses,
  • Manure Pile-Plan where you will stack your manure when you muck,
  • Turn-out-where your paddocks are,
  • HayStorage- this is a place needed to store hay whether in a loft or in a part of the barn itself,
  • Grooming Areas -be sure to designate a specific area for grooming horses.
  • A Washroom and even Bedding Storage


Another important thing to consider when building a stable is proper ventilation. This eliminates harmful barn odor that comes in the form of ammonia. Prolonged exposure to ammonia poses a threat to health both to you and your horse. While regular cleaning helps, the long-term solution to barn odor is good ventilation that is designed by certified barn builders.
Horse barn plans are specifically designed to fulfill every equestrian’s dream. You can have a large clear span riding arena, truck and trailer storage, office or living quarters, and comfortable horse stalls. This gives you the freedom to have just the kind of barn you need, based on your preferences and design requirements. This type of barn can be built to work to your advantage.

Structural Insulated Panels

Pole barn builders recommend structural insulated panels (SIPs) to create extra long-term value for your barn. These panels offer impact-resistant walls that are stronger and straighter and 50% more efficient than stick-built buildings. This also improves the temperature within your barn, as well as prevents air infiltration by virtually eliminating drafts.  Pole barn construction workers allow you to choose interior and exterior finishes for your new building. You can also add any feature of your choice, like cupolas, Dutch doors, and windows. Floor planning is also much important in barn building.



The Top 10 Mississippi Hiking Spots

The Top 10 Mississippi Hiking Spots

We at Forest Hill Farms are all about horses, which should come as no surprise to you. However, just because horses are the love of our lives, that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the rest of the world. You see, it’s no coincidence that we are living in Mississippi. We love the southern life in this southern state. We wouldn’t trade this environment for any other in the world. When we gives the horses a rest from riding, we will often go hiking with the whole family. We hardly ever leave the state, since this state offers so many beautiful hiking spots already.

If you’ve ever been to Mississippi, then you’ll know from your own experience this is one of the greatest places to be in all of the US. Ask anybody who lives there, and they’ll tell you how much they love their beloved Southern state. This beautiful state borders Tennessee in the north, Alabama on the east and Louisiana on the south. Naturally, you’ve also heard of the Mississippi river. But that’s not the only river we’ve got. We’ve also got the following rivers:

  • Tombigbee River
  • Pearl River
  • Pascagoula River
  • Big Black River
  • Yazoo River

Along rivers, we also have many lakes that are worth your time:

  • Sardis Lake (the biggest!)
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir
  • Gredana Lake
  • Arkabutla Lake

The entire state of Mississippi is composed of so called lowlands. The highest point lies only a few hundred meters above sea level. The lowest parts are still above sea level, but by less than a hundred meters. While our beautiful state is fairly low, it’s never going to be overrun by the sea, since all of it is still above sea level. There’s no risk of floods if you’re living in Mississippi. Don’t take my word for it. Get a watch that will tell you your elevation and see for yourself. You can get some good ones from bootbomb.com.

Our coastal plain is mostly composed of low hills. Take for example the Pine Hills that you will find in the south. But there are also the North Central Hills. If you go to the north east, then you will find slightly higher elevations in the Fall Line Hills and the Pontotoc Ridge. The north east is rich in fertile black earth, which makes it a good spot to live for all of you who have green fingers.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the top 10 hiking spots you’ll find in everybody’s favorite state Mississippi.

1. Natchez Trace Parkway Cypress Swamp Hike, Canton

This trail is just the perfect family outing. The trail is extremely simple in nature, but also very educational. If you’ve got young children that need to learn some culture, then you are coming to the right place. The trail is only half a mile long, which is precisely what makes it so suitable for the family that has young kids. It provides unique views of baldcypress swamp. The trail has ample signs as well, so you can stop and take in the education.

2. Bear Creek Outcropping Trail, Tishomingo

This trail is located in Thisomingo State Park. When it comes to difficulty, it has been rated as moderate. You can find huge rock formations here, as well as scenic views of the foothills of the Appalachian. There are many crevices here, which are filled with ferns. You won’t find anything quite like it in the entire state, so this location is totally worth your while.

3. Turkey Fork Recreation Area Trail, Laurel

There is some seriously amazing hiking scenery to be found on this trail, which is situated in DeSoto National Forest. This is a well maintained trail, which has plenty of markings. It’s fairly easy, so it’s suitable for all skill levels.

4. Wall Doxey State Park, Holly Springs

This trail lies around a spring fed lake, which is over 60 acres large. The trail is more than 2 miles long, making it a perfect dayhike trail. It offers really great scenic views of the waterfront, including lots of the plant and animal life that is so typical to the state of Mississippi.

5. Bonita Lakes Trail, Meridian

This trail actually consists of multiple trails, and every trail has a different difficulty. This makes this the perfect trail for those of you who haven’t quite figured out their own skill level yet. Start with the easiest trail and work your way up to the toughest. That’s how me and my family have done it. The main trail is completely covered in crushed gravel, making it an easy hike. Be sure to bring a good lunch with you, because there are plenty of picnic tables present.

6. CCC Camp Trail, Tishomingo


This trail goes in a loop through Tishomingo State Park. It’s 3 miles long and it will take you past several streams and springs. You will also encounter lots of rocky outcrops. You will end the trail at the Swinging Bridge.

7. Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Trail, Holly Springs

If you are looking for an experience of silence, peace and tranquility, then this is probably the spot for you. You can hike here, but the recreation area also offers lots of hiking related outdoor activities. Think of camping, fishing or other water activities.

8. Fontainebleau Nature Trail, Ocean Springs

This trail offers a really great view of both wildlife as well as nature. You can enjoy the views of both of these from the observation platforms that you will find in this area. It’s a national wildlife refuge. If you enjoy being surrounded by forest life, then you came to the right place.

9. Arkabutla Lake Education & Nature Center Trail, Hernando

What we have here is a beautiful trail that is suitable for all skill levels, due to the fact that there is little gain in elevation. This trail lies in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. It offers some really great views and there are lots of signs all over the trail. The trees have identification markers. On this trail, you’ll have the feeling you’ll be in the middle of the wilderness, without risking becoming lost.

10. Lake Loop Trail, Marathon Lake Recreation Area, Raleigh

This trail is one and a half miles long and is situated next to a 50 acre lake. You will find lots of picnic tables and camping units here. There is also a dedicated swimming area here. This trail is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. Feel free to come on over and test the trail.

What did you think of my hiking trail top 10? Does it make you want to come over to Forest Hill Farms so you can try out Mississippi’s horses as well as its hiking trails? Leave a comment and let us know!

Community Services from ForestHillFarms.com

Community Services from ForestHillFarms.com

Working With Others For A Better Tomorrow

Muscatine, Iowa

It is a pleasure for Forest Hill Farms Equestrian Center to be able to enhance and interact with many established Clubs and Associations such as: Local and State 4-H Clubs, Future Farmers of America, Cub Scouts of America, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, etc. We can help these clubs by offering the facility and horses to achieve their merits and badges. We will help those children, who can’t afford to own a horse, excel in their opportunity.

Forest Hill Farms is excited about offering birthday parties at the horse farm. All parties age custom made to fill you needs and desires.

Our Staff strives to promote a unique setting for wholesome learning, fun and fellowship that is so vital in today’s society.  The “Dude Ranch” theme can benefit all ages and levels of experience.

Forest Hill Farms is an alcohol free environment that prohibits foul language and encourages a safe and positive environment.

Business and Corporate Outings

Many corporations are realizing that the relaxation of being outdoors greatly improves productivity. As an alternative to golf, riding horses is a great way to get back to the basics of relaxation.

Family Vacations

The great Mississippi River is considered to be one of the top ten tourist attractions in the world. So powerful is the river�s pull that it brings in over 8 billion dollars in foreign money each year. Add the horsemanship program to this for a great family vacation.

Church Youth Groups

Forest Hill Farms offers a program specifically designed for and dedicated to helping meet the spiritual, mental, emotional and social needs of America’s youth. Forest Hill Farms is pleased to host Christian youth groups. The world class equestrian center and beautiful grounds of Forest Hill combine to create an atmosphere conducive to effective ministry and personal inspiration.

Forest Hill facilities are available by reservation for use by Christian groups, churches, agencies or para-church ministries. Whether concerts, rallies or youth conferences, Forest Hill provides opportunity to reach youth in a rural environment.

Conferences and Crusades

Forest Hill facilities are a wonderful place to conduct Christian conferences. Located within a 350 mile radius of over six million people and ten major cities, the facility is easily accessible. Forest Hill is available for conference booking by Christian, corporate, church or school groups.


Forest Hill is appealing to churches, ministries or groups of people who are looking for a place of beauty and inspiration. Whether one wants to stroll around the beautiful private lake of Forest Hill Farms, sit on a quiet overlook of the mighty Mississippi River or enjoy a leisurely horse ride, guests will find that Forest Hill Farms provides functional facilities for Christian retreats.