The Top 10 Mississippi Hiking Spots

The Top 10 Mississippi Hiking Spots

We at Forest Hill Farms are all about horses, which should come as no surprise to you. However, just because horses are the love of our lives, that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the rest of the world. You see, it’s no coincidence that we are living in Mississippi. We love the southern life in this southern state. We wouldn’t trade this environment for any other in the world. When we gives the horses a rest from riding, we will often go hiking with the whole family. We hardly ever leave the state, since this state offers so many beautiful hiking spots already.

If you’ve ever been to Mississippi, then you’ll know from your own experience this is one of the greatest places to be in all of the US. Ask anybody who lives there, and they’ll tell you how much they love their beloved Southern state. This beautiful state borders Tennessee in the north, Alabama on the east and Louisiana on the south. Naturally, you’ve also heard of the Mississippi river. But that’s not the only river we’ve got. We’ve also got the following rivers:

  • Tombigbee River
  • Pearl River
  • Pascagoula River
  • Big Black River
  • Yazoo River

Along rivers, we also have many lakes that are worth your time:

  • Sardis Lake (the biggest!)
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir
  • Gredana Lake
  • Arkabutla Lake

The entire state of Mississippi is composed of so called lowlands. The highest point lies only a few hundred meters above sea level. The lowest parts are still above sea level, but by less than a hundred meters. While our beautiful state is fairly low, it’s never going to be overrun by the sea, since all of it is still above sea level. There’s no risk of floods if you’re living in Mississippi. Don’t take my word for it. Get a watch that will tell you your elevation and see for yourself. You can get some good ones from

Our coastal plain is mostly composed of low hills. Take for example the Pine Hills that you will find in the south. But there are also the North Central Hills. If you go to the north east, then you will find slightly higher elevations in the Fall Line Hills and the Pontotoc Ridge. The north east is rich in fertile black earth, which makes it a good spot to live for all of you who have green fingers.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the top 10 hiking spots you’ll find in everybody’s favorite state Mississippi.

1. Natchez Trace Parkway Cypress Swamp Hike, Canton

This trail is just the perfect family outing. The trail is extremely simple in nature, but also very educational. If you’ve got young children that need to learn some culture, then you are coming to the right place. The trail is only half a mile long, which is precisely what makes it so suitable for the family that has young kids. It provides unique views of baldcypress swamp. The trail has ample signs as well, so you can stop and take in the education.

2. Bear Creek Outcropping Trail, Tishomingo

This trail is located in Thisomingo State Park. When it comes to difficulty, it has been rated as moderate. You can find huge rock formations here, as well as scenic views of the foothills of the Appalachian. There are many crevices here, which are filled with ferns. You won’t find anything quite like it in the entire state, so this location is totally worth your while.

3. Turkey Fork Recreation Area Trail, Laurel

There is some seriously amazing hiking scenery to be found on this trail, which is situated in DeSoto National Forest. This is a well maintained trail, which has plenty of markings. It’s fairly easy, so it’s suitable for all skill levels.

4. Wall Doxey State Park, Holly Springs

This trail lies around a spring fed lake, which is over 60 acres large. The trail is more than 2 miles long, making it a perfect dayhike trail. It offers really great scenic views of the waterfront, including lots of the plant and animal life that is so typical to the state of Mississippi.

5. Bonita Lakes Trail, Meridian

This trail actually consists of multiple trails, and every trail has a different difficulty. This makes this the perfect trail for those of you who haven’t quite figured out their own skill level yet. Start with the easiest trail and work your way up to the toughest. That’s how me and my family have done it. The main trail is completely covered in crushed gravel, making it an easy hike. Be sure to bring a good lunch with you, because there are plenty of picnic tables present.

6. CCC Camp Trail, Tishomingo


This trail goes in a loop through Tishomingo State Park. It’s 3 miles long and it will take you past several streams and springs. You will also encounter lots of rocky outcrops. You will end the trail at the Swinging Bridge.

7. Chewalla Lake Recreation Area Trail, Holly Springs

If you are looking for an experience of silence, peace and tranquility, then this is probably the spot for you. You can hike here, but the recreation area also offers lots of hiking related outdoor activities. Think of camping, fishing or other water activities.

8. Fontainebleau Nature Trail, Ocean Springs

This trail offers a really great view of both wildlife as well as nature. You can enjoy the views of both of these from the observation platforms that you will find in this area. It’s a national wildlife refuge. If you enjoy being surrounded by forest life, then you came to the right place.

9. Arkabutla Lake Education & Nature Center Trail, Hernando

What we have here is a beautiful trail that is suitable for all skill levels, due to the fact that there is little gain in elevation. This trail lies in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. It offers some really great views and there are lots of signs all over the trail. The trees have identification markers. On this trail, you’ll have the feeling you’ll be in the middle of the wilderness, without risking becoming lost.

10. Lake Loop Trail, Marathon Lake Recreation Area, Raleigh

This trail is one and a half miles long and is situated next to a 50 acre lake. You will find lots of picnic tables and camping units here. There is also a dedicated swimming area here. This trail is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. Feel free to come on over and test the trail.

What did you think of my hiking trail top 10? Does it make you want to come over to Forest Hill Farms so you can try out Mississippi’s horses as well as its hiking trails? Leave a comment and let us know!

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